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Is Your Shower And Bathroom Properly Sealed?

Is your bathroom and shower showing signs of mold in spite of thorough cleanup? Perhaps you need to examine the sealing.

Mold is one of the most common problems with the modern shower/bathroom enclosure due to their damp nature. This can generate problems for persons with asthma, allergies, and respiratory problems.

Nevertheless, sealing grout in bathroom and shower tiles is the best way of maintaining waterproof and clean grout. You’ll discover that a penetrating sealer is vital for bathroom grout since it guards against mildew and mold.

If you’re wondering whether there are benefits to sealing your bathroom and shower, check this out.

What Does Sealing Involve?

Sealing is the process of applying a chemical solution to any kind of porous surface, which penetrates into tiles. The sealer is typically non-visible and aims to decrease the porosity of the surface and limit the depth of stain penetration.

The chemical compounds that function as the active sealing agent differ depending on the kind of protection needed.

Numerous sealers are available in today’s market and it can be confusing to determine the correct option for your tile. Similarly, the agent’s carrier may comprise various solvents or even water.

Bear in mind that sealing doesn’t produce an opaque barrier against stains. Instead, sealers decrease a stone’s natural absorbency. Once you prepare and seal a stone’s surface properly, this can add considerable style to your property.

It’s also important to note that stain resistance and sealer performance differ depending on the sealer composition, the kind (and porosity) of the stone, and stain.

Benefits of Sealing the Shower and Bathroom

  • Decrease Staining

Applying the sealer will decrease the appearance and effects of staining. Sealing helps decrease and prevent staining by suspending most stains at the surface.

Furthermore, sealing offers protection against deterioration, chemical attack, contamination, and decreases the damage caused by the stain.

Grout also becomes less absorbent. Therefore, if you spill liquid on the grout, it won’t saturate into the grout or penetrate into the edges of the bathroom tiles. This will give you more time to clean up the spill and prevent discoloration of the grout.

Similarly, some grouts develop stains over time due to age and light exposure; a seal helps the grout maintain its original color.

  • Costs

You’ll find that sealed grout usually wears away faster than sealed grout. This implies that the grout will disintegrate or crack more quickly.

Therefore, you’ll have to gouge it and substitute it more frequently than sealed grout, resulting in higher maintenance expenses in the long term.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning sealed grout is easier than unsealed grout. It’s important you use specialized cleaners that penetrate into the grout and bleach it when dealing with unsealed lines.

Sealed grout keeps liquid and dirt on the surface where you can wipe them with a rag. You’ll discover the sealed lines will have fewer stains and the stains will be easier to manage.

  • Prevent Ceiling Damage

In the event that you have a leaky shower, the water, which pours uncontrollably, will ultimately damage the shower and the ceiling of your neighbor who resides below.

To avoid paying for ceiling repairs, it’s important you seal your bathroom ad shower properly. Proper sealing will further allow you to enjoy relaxing and pleasant showers daily without any concerns.

Sealing and Mold

Sealing the shower and bathroom will help decrease moisture penetration on the tiled surfaces. You’ll also discover the sealant helps prevent moisture from lifting your tiles.

This is particularly important in the bathroom where there’s contact with humidity and steam. Bear in mind that mold needs water to flourish, so its presence usually indicates excess moisture.

Besides creating an ideal environment for the fungi, trapped water can result in rot damage and staining of finish and structural materials in your home.

The bathroom is an important part of any home. This is where you spend considerable time and it’s also an area that’s highly susceptible to mold and other forms of damage because of water. For this reason, it’s vital you ensure proper sealing to avoid costly repairs in the future.

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