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How To Properly Clean Your Windows To Prepare For Winter

Are you tired of streaky stains and grimy windows? Perhaps you need to evaluate your window-cleaning techniques.

Windows can take a beating from bugs, dirt, mold, and other debris, and while cleaning windows isn’t a hard task, accomplishing it without streaks can be challenging.

However, a few techniques can make even the dirtiest window shine. Bear in mind that cleaning windows during winter can be tricky because water will typically freeze very fast on the window.

For this reason, adopt these tips in preparation for winter.

Clean Sills and other Movable Parts

Debris like dirt, sand, or leaves can be stuck in windowsills and other moving window parts. Use a dry paintbrush and vacuum if necessary to clean these areas.

Clean from top to bottom

If you want streak free windows, ensure you clean them from top to bottom. Start at the top and move down to ensure drips don’t fall on the surfaces that you have already cleaned.


This simple tool has amazing effects on glass. You’ll undoubtedly have streaks if you re-wipe glass areas. However, a squeegee makes it easy to polish every section of your windows.

A long handled squeegee is a must-have if you intend to work on tall windows. Furthermore, such a tool will help you clean shower walls as well.

A good squeegee must have a soft, smooth, and sharp rubber blade. It’s also important to change the blades regularly because the blade’s edge can become sliced or nicked.

Use cotton swabs for corners

Regardless of how hard you try, residue always seems to accumulate in glass corners. Furthermore, it can be difficult to reach the residue unless you have the appropriate tool. Try cleaning the hard-to-reach places with a cotton swab.

Wash on a cloudy day

Although sunlight makes it easier to spot dirt, you’ll discover that the sun can cause the window wash to dry prematurely, leaving streaks and residue. Therefore, wash windows on a cloudy day and you’ll end up with a streak-free shine.

Use two towels

Remember to use one towel to wipe the surface and another to buff the surface for a residue-free shine. Bear in mind that you actually need two clean towel surfaces per window. This is to avoid spreading the dirt from one window to the next. Ensure you have sufficient clean towels to avoid window contamination.

Minimize detergent use

This isn’t an issue if you’re using soap cleaner or vinegar. Remember, if the windows are very dirty, and you’re including soap to the solution, it doesn’t take excess soap to eliminate the dirt on windows, and excess soap will certainly leave a streaky residue rather than the glossy finish you desire.

Avoid woodwork

Numerous window and glass cleaners can damage the framed wood areas of your windows and mirrors. Take care not to permit drips that could damage the surfaces. You should also avoid spraying excess cleaner at once. Instead, spray in small sections from top to bottom.

Choose safe products

Ensure your cleaner doesn’t contain alcohol, ammonia, or any ingredient that could emit toxic fumes. Besides the apparent health concerns due to inhalation, consider the environmental impact your products might have on the environment.

Buff it

Even if you do things right, you could still end up with a streak. In this case, the simplest solution is to complete the task with a rapid buff. A microfiber cloth or chamois is best, though a regular cloth will do as well. Keep it dry and simply buff over the glass when you’re done cleaning it.

While most people dread the task of cleaning windows, keeping up with the chore makes it much easier. Furthermore, the less grime and dirt on your windows, the less time you will spend cleaning them.

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