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Checklist: Are You Overlooking These 10 Tasks To Prepare Your Home For Winter?

Have you prepared your home for winter? Make sure you haven’t forgotten these important tasks.

As days get shorter and the winter season approaches, you’re probably focusing on preparing your home. To have a pleasant experience this winter, you must accomplish certain tasks to avoid costly repairs while preserving your home’s value.

If you haven’t started preparing your home, this is the best time to do so. Check out this list of tasks that will save you money on unnecessary repairs in the future.

  1. Windows

The winter season is one of the best periods for mold to develop in your home. As it develops, the fungi can breakdown, compromising the strength and integrity of the source in which it thrives.

For this reason, it’s important you repair any window leaks as soon as possible. Use weather stripping and caulk to stop the leaks and condensation while saving your window. You should also consider installing storm windows if you can’t afford replacement.

  1. Gutters

Clogged gutters not only cause basement and roof leaks, they’re potential sources of mold growth. Overflowing gutters can also damage your siding, landscaping, and fascia.

Furthermore, the excessive weight of the standing water will place stress on your gutter system. Throughout winter, any water in your gutter will freeze, causing damage to shingles. Therefore, remove debris and leaves from the gutter while ensuring the downspouts are clear.

  1. Pipes

A frozen pipe could cause major damage if it bursts, so make sure you pad the pipes to avoid floods. Obtain some insulation sleeves and cover exposed pipes in unheated places such as the basement or crawl space.

The sleeves allow for easy application as well as customization. Ensure you cover all parts, including joints and bends.

  1. Garage

Schedule a garage cleanup by organizing, cleaning, and storing items such as gardening tools. Push items you won’t need such as the lawn mower to the back and bring winter necessities such as snow blowers and shovels to the front of the garage.

  1. Chimney/Stovepipe

Hire an expert to clean your stovepipe or chimney and ensure the professional removes any clogs and fixes any cracks in the loose mortar or flue.

Chimneys keep fire and smoke out of a home, so if you don’t maintain them properly, smoke and fire damage could become actual possibilities. Before starting up the stove for the winter, ensure the chimney is ready for the task.

  1. Carpets

Carpets hold on to grime, dirt, and retain moisture. If your carpets don’t undergo deep cleaning, unwanted substances will eventually become your home’s mainstay.

Deep cleaning is important to eliminate the substances while preventing damage. Consider renting a carpet steamer at a reasonable rate for this task.

  1. Basement

Whether you use your basement for storage or as a recreational center, it’s underground. Consequently, its location makes it vulnerable to mold, leakage, and overall damage.

Use this time to clean this area and eliminate unnecessary clutter. It’s also important you inspect it for damage before moisture saturates the ground. If repair is necessary, doing so ahead of time will save you considerably in the future.

  1. Filters and Vents

Numerous systems and home appliances require filters and vents for regular, effective operation. Air conditioners, dryers, septic tanks, and other appliances have their systems that require regular attention.

Clogged filters and dirty vents restrict proper airflow, which could potentially result in overheated appliances or even fires.

  1. Siding

Weather elements such as sun, rain, and wind take a toll on siding. Ensure you check for missing or loose siding pieces. Inspect the areas that face excess sun exposure and repaint where necessary.

  1. Heating System

A dependable heating system is highly important, especially during winter. Whether you use natural gas or electric heat, any malfunction could spell disaster. For this reason, make sure you turn your system on and monitor its effectiveness.

Have you set aside time to prepare your home for the upcoming winter? If not, it’s time you did to avoid unnecessary expenses thereafter.

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